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По умолчанию Steps for installing automatic barie barriers and important notes

Barrier tự động fencing is one of the gate models used in many businesses, units .. Because barie fences are superior, ensure better security and circulation. So how to install this barie fence device, what should be noted? Today Truong Hinh will introduce in detail for you to understand better!

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Steps to install automatic barrier fencing
Step 1: Make the foundation firmly to install the barie barrier
The foundation base must be poured with concrete with a thickness of about 30-50cm. According to the cylindrical base of the automatic barie.
Priority is given to pre-welding 4 automatic barie bolts to the iron panel. Then place it in the prepared pit before pouring concrete
Proceed to erect the barie on the base of the pillar and shoot four bolts to the bottom for sure. At the same time, push the excess end of the power cord and magnetic loop into the bottom of the cabinet.
Step 2: Connect the wires and power sources of the barrier
Proceed to wire the power supply to the main circuit board of the barie automatic control. Also set the desired frequency for the automatic barie barrier.
Install the barricade on the barbie body automatically.
Align the spring, connect the power cord, magnetic ring wire and led light wire to match the port.
Step 3: Operate and test the automatic barrier
Connect to power source and run automatic barie test by hand-held remote control system.
Check if the automatic barie bar is working well, no shaking phenomenon.

Some points to note when installing the bar automatically
Before installing the automatic barie, you need to cut off all the power supply to the barie post
Equipment needs to be connected to the ground to ensure safety if electricity leaks
The power cable used to supply the power to the bar automatically should be at least 2.00mm
Do not change the internal wires of the barie automatically
In case of sudden power failure, switch from electric lock to mechanical lock to use
Do not open the control cabinet while the automatic barie device is operating.
Above are some information and notes when using automatic barie barriers. If a customer is in need of consulting and installing automatic barie types.
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